Some of the Most Bizarre Shows in Television History

Major TV networks do not produce outright strange shows anymore, but back in the days they unabashedly did. They gave people nightmares because of their bizarre executions, for which some of them paid the price as they received the ax just after a couple of episodes. Then again, these highly peculiar shows have amassed respective cult followings over the years due to their boldness, awkwardness, and uniqueness.

My Strange Addiction (TLC)

This documentary series chronicles the lives of people with unusual behaviors—unusual meaning eating household cleaning products or gulping air freshener on a daily basis. This show features people you would never believe existed including a girl who cannot stop herself from devouring dirty diapers. There is also this woman who copes with the death of her beloved husband by carrying his urn wherever she goes and eating his ash remains every chance she gets.

Jigsaw (BBC)

Probably the strangest children’s show that ever happened on the small screen. It features puzzle games and various entertaining stuff aimed at kids; however, the show’s miming host—who calls himself Mr. Noseybonk—can be a bit creepy at times. The guy wears a suit as well as a humanoid mask with a nose that is a dead ringer for a male person’s intimate part, and he makes subtle sexual jokes sometimes, too!
These shows have brought a whole new meaning to the word “weird,” and that will be their legacy.

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