Best TV shows of 2016

2016 in a year that could be defined as a rough year for most of us, in our local environment or on the international level. It seemed like it was one bad thing after another, which for most of us meant turning to our trusted TV to seek entertainment in all genres.
Come with us as we countdown our list TV shows that made our 2016:
Stranger things:

The one show no one saw coming. With a relatively unknown cast, that is except for Winona Ryder; the show is the complete embodiment of everything the 80’s stood for. Also, that theme song gave us all the feels.

As a longtime fan of Childish Gambino, when Atlanta was released I was one of the first people to jump on its bandwagon. And it did not fail to disappoint. Atlanta, as many describe it is a comical look at contemporary black life in the southern city in 2016
Game of thrones:

Yes, we know Game of thrones did not start showing in 2016. But what did happen in 2016 for the show and its fan is the death or our very own Hodor. There was no way the series wasn’t going to make it on our list.

A show with Abigail Spencer & Malcom Barrett? Yes please! Combine that with the chance to learn about world history; you have me sold!

In all honesty, I picked up Westworld because it was being produced by HBO. And I certainly wasn’t expecting anything less than Game of Thrones standard, and I was not disappointed. How good is the show you ask? Do a quick search on the cast, and you’ll answer that question for yourself.
So that is it guys, our list of memorable 2016 TV shows. Got some additions for us? Let us know in the comments below.

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