Woman’s Pubic Hair Dress Takes The World by Storm!

Fashion trends can get you questioning people’s choices. However, some people take fashion to the next level. Meet Sarah Louise Bryan, who aspires to build a dress more revolting than Lady Gage’s infamous meat dress. When you hear about what she has put together, you will agree that she has finally got her wish.
Bryan has attempted to make a dress out of pubic hair. Yes, real pubic hair donated to her through her Twitter followers. She unveiled her one of a kind bra and skirt dress made exclusively from the pubic hair of numerous people.

Reportedly, she says that most of the hair comes from British and American men and that it took her about six months to collect an amount that was sufficient to create the dress. She says that she initially sterilized the hair and hoarded it in her son’s bedroom, who seemingly has a whole floor to himself.
She then attached the hair to a precut bra and skirt with glue, aided by eye mask, breathing mask and thick gloves. After all, she says, nobody wants to have pubic hair in their mouth. She does say that it was a gagging experience, and she couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

The horrendous dress was put on by Bryan, and she has offered it for sale to museums and high profile celebrities to make the dress iconic. At the moment she is at work on another project of hers that involves sperm donation. Interestingly enough, she has already received 300 volunteers!

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