Girl Creates Spotify Playlist To Reveal Feelings For Boy. Internet Loves It

For some, revealing your true feelings for someone can be very difficult. Wrapping your head around what to text them is a scary task, but for Hannah Woodley, she decided to reveal her ways in one of the most creative ways possible in an unforgettable manner: through a Spotify playlist.

Choosing songs for their song titles more than actual song lyrics, when reading through the playlist she spills out her feelings for the boy. Not knowing what to do after sending it to her crush, she posted it online through Twitter, where the internet instantly fell in love with the concept. To date, there have been more than 100,000 retweets and has been like almost 400,000 times.
Inspired by Hannah’s love confession, the internet did some playlists of their own, and a lot of them are quite hilarious.

Thankfully, Hannah’s crush had the same feelings toward her, and everything worked out in the end. What an adorable love story.

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