Have You Seen This Yet? Classic Cheat Codes are Being Added To Websites!

Last year, Canada celebrated 150 years of confederation. It was a fantastic year! The government decided to do something cool to commemorate the 150th year. so they designed a new 10 buck note! It’s fancy! It’s so fancy they decided to make a website for the new note. The website is pretty cool. There’s like a 3d model of the note and you move it around and stuff. There’s also lots of info about the figures see on the note. So you can learn some history too!

Click the picture to go to the website and see it for your self!

So that’s all good and is what it is, but wait! there’s more!

The website developers thought it would be cool to add a little secret to the website. If you were a gamer back in the late 80’s to early 90’s you might remember the ‘Konami Code’. It’s a secret code you can put into the game to cheat at the game basically. Well… the website developers put this code into their new website for the $10 bill. So when you’re on the website enter this code – up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a.

You’ll be presented a little surprise for entering the code. Now it’s nothing too crazy, but it’s cool that this is a thing, and… you’d be surprised at how many real websites have this functionality. Try it out next time your surfing!

See ya!

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